Sunday 19 July 2009

Less is more?

What does it say about a marriage when the parties can’t even agree on the reasons for separation? Sadly, separated is what I am. Permanently.

Tis hard to find humour in heartbreak.

This is new territory. My parents were married for more than 40 years, yet I didn’t manage half that. The concern and kindness of many friends, family, and even some I wouldn’t have imagined would care, has been staggeringly reassuring. It’s a sharp contrast to those I might have expected to care.

I have no doubt what lays ahead is challenging, especially for my beautiful dustbin lids. But He-who-no-longer-has-to-be-adored is happy with his decision. Forging a path of least pain is my aim.

But, as they say, every cloud… The snoring torment is over. My gratitude for that small mercy is Gi’normous. Also, you can now say Chin up to me as I currently only have one chin. The others have disappeared due to my new daily diet of stress, cigs and coffee. Lots of coffee.

It doesn’t feel right, to me, to smoke when blogging as the whole point of this blog was nicotine replacement therapy. So I’m done with this, for a while. It was fun. But I have more pressing priorities now.