Wednesday 22 April 2009

A spot of blogger

Just because it is available on t’Net doesn’t make it suitable. Or appropriate. I need to make clear that this blog is intended for the over 18s only. And, just because the boy dustbin lid has ‘gorgeous’ in his tag, does not make him the favoured dustbin lid. In truth I have three favourite lids (and over 20 fave nieces). I like to spread my faveness about so, tonight, (for the benefit of the Teenager, and the Boyfriend) it could be you. Favoured status is more likely after tea-making and other household chores are completed. For example: cleaning up after the moulting mutt the Teenager begged for. Or doing something (anything) with the pile aka GCSE art installation that is taking over our house.

Sheeeeeessssssssh and I thought blogging was supposed to make you happy.

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