Thursday 11 November 2010

Today we remember them

Things I wish I remembered today:
  • Yesterday’s consumption of less calories than usual and more booze than normal makes for a poor start to the day.
  • To put the dog’s lamp shade back on her bonce before letting her out, unsupervised, where she had a good go at her gammy leg, sending the healing process back to the start.
  • To always check my appearance before opening the door. It’s the dog’s fault, if only I hadn't had to chase her up the garden with the lamp shade. But, whatever way you look at it, cowboy boots, dressing gown and bed head a good look do not make. But they do make the delivery chap look at you. In a questioning sanity type way.
  • The pin code number for the TV’s parental control lock. Asking the littleun, who remembers everything, shows how seriously I take parental controls.
  • The password.
  • To press the ‘on’ button on the dishwasher.
  • And, that laundry does not dry, on its own, in the washing machine

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