Monday 26 February 2007

Blame it on the boogie

Paid the price for Friday's frolic with glue and varnish and the stupor-spent Saturday. The Sunday hell of homework, housework and other dull deeds.

The gorgeous boy's Angel and Smiles homework foiled me with the fact it was angles and similes. Angles require a protractor. I have bought many. None were found within these walls. No admission for protractor liability from any of our children.

Must be those pesky burglars. Rather than breaking and entering, they enter and break things, or steal them. Returning often, they leave sticky footprints and muddy fingerprints. They use the last of the toilet roll, and put empty-juice cartons back in the fridge. A trail of wrappers and peels in their wake, they add pen marks to paint work. They use and lose the hairbrush. And whatever happened to the DVD controls? Am bored of looking. Strange how none of my dustbin-lids, I am assured, would ever ever do such things.

He trekked out to purchase a protractor whilst I did the high frequency words with the little one. How much practice does the word 'am' need? I chose angles so he could help with tweenage chemistry (I couldn't make head nor tail of it and suspect it wasn't in English).

Morrison's with Mustang Sally on the ipod was bearable. Just. But, listening to the Commitments did not make me more committed. The only light relief, now I have a non-smoker's sense of smell, was in the smelly candle section. Hardly a highlight.

While in this mode have to admit I can't stand Supermarkets. It's all that man handling. Of goods. Off the shelf, into the trolley. Out of the trolley, onto the belt. Off the belt, into the bag. Out of the bag and put away. Only to be brought out again for consumption in milliseconds.

He was a star today. He cooked in a big pot, managing to disguise an extraordinary number of vegetables. Saint Jamie would be proud. But then He has some making-up to do for allowing the little one to chose her own sandwiches last week. Does Jam have any nutritional value?

So all in all, a dull old day. Nothing happened worth writing home about let alone blog about. Still, here I am. I blog. Therefore I am.

Pleased to get my first feedback email today: 'Can you do it in a bigger font as we're all over 40 here and the old mince pies are a bit iffy'. As I said, all in all a dull old day.

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