Wednesday 28 February 2007

It's a shame

Regret the huge number of mast erection objections I've signed. My part of London (specifically my kitchen) has crap mobile reception. Yesterday afternoon I missed a mate's call offering me a west-end preview ticket.

So, sat in the kitchen of my brother, Inspector Gadget, while my eldest lids did youth club. The Inspector lost another argument with three of his daughters. He knows, as the only man in the house of a thousand hormones, he'll never win.

Without harping on, had I received the call, could have been up-west, warmed with V&Ts, enjoying the spectacle of the buff Dan Radcliffe. In the buff. Instead I got my brother's revenge plan: to publicly rank each of their boyfriends. (The IT fix puts The Geek in the lead.) Deep as my love is, for all my friends and family...

Today was another dull day: Wet on way to school. Played the perennial fave game of dodge the dog-do. Had mick taken before I got out of the car at work. Ever thankful for the afternoon's dry run.

Was a grumpy taxi-driver tonight and had a rare row with the gorgeous boy. He doesn't read enough. Nor puts much effort into choosing. Had he looked inside the latest one he'd have seen that Thumbelina would have trouble with the print. He said it was his love of penguins wot swayed it. The tweenager briefly broke off from manic texting to ask what kind of teacher puts the Penguin book of Zen Poetry in a Year 4 library anyway?

Homework from the Tween's English teacher: ask your parents for three questions they'd like to ask at parents evening. My suggestion, as ever, was rejected. I only wanted a view on Alan Bennett's belief that Auden is 'too difficult a poet to bother with'?

And Finally: He-who-must-be-adored must be congratulated for going a whole day without a cigarette. Am in shock. At his effort. And, my strength of feeling on realising he was wearing one of MY patches.

If only I could congratulate him on retaining his good humour and positive outlook.Cheery Bob he ain't.

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