Tuesday 27 February 2007

Some kind of wonderful

Well polish my halo and call me a saint. It has been 7 whole days since my last cigarette. One since my last drop of drink. That's some kind of threshold.

Last night I had a dream. I found a solo cig in a packet while doing the domestic drudgery (I knew it must be a dream as I don't devote too much time to that kind of thing in reality). I put it in my pocket to save it for a rainy day. Even by the end of the dream, when I tried to have a conversation with the alarm on my mobile, I realised I hadn't smoked it. I'll admit I did keep getting it out of my pocket. And sniffing it. So now even in my dreams I'm a non-smoker.

Have returned to my senses. Taste, I lost again today on a too-hot cup of tea. Smell highlight: getting a sniff of my perfume, hours after administering it. Lowlight: the whiff of yesterday's broccoli when I open the bin. Scrummy time now.

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