Saturday 24 February 2007

Memories are made of this

An unusually calm atmosphere here with the dustbin-lids farmed out. Should be a stolen night of bliss but He-who-must-be-adored is having a rare sofa snooze. He's worn himself out, what with saving London all week and painting the hallway all day. It was dark and dingy, in a shabby rather than chic way. Now it's brilliant. White. Sunglasses are required if you pass that way.

My forensic friend is 40 today, and we're going over to commiserate. Looking forward to getting together with more of the girl gang (hardly at our age), especially Mrs Lipman's Twin. Others with prior engagements will be sorely missed. He is looking forward to catching up with Mr Sarcastic, The Major and The Smutty One.

Regretted starting the making of gifts. In my usual style the lion's share of the making was left to today. Wonder will I get all that varnish off my hands before this evening. No doubt she'll be looking fab having shopped til she dropped with the Designer this week. I'll have just enough time to scrub up, throw something on and try looking like I've made the effort. The opposite of the current trend of making an effort and looking like you just threw it on.

Made her a birthday album. Enjoyed going through old pix. Hated that the first 25 years took no time with just a stick of glue. The last 5 years were more painful: the printer/scanner/copier sooperdooper do everything machine proved to be a pile of useless junk. Strangely thumping the top didn't work.

And, now it's finished. Not certain she'll appreciate the effort. No doubt the dodgy hair and clothes-styles of the past 30 years (and there are a shockingly large number) will be considered best brushed under the carpet. Was tres diplomatique and hacked off all appearances of exes. Mine and hers. A strangely satisfying exercise...

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