Thursday 19 March 2020

I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

Day 2 of working from home for the foreseeable. Thankfully, the much-anticipated London lock-down didn’t materialise, yet still no humans were spotted on either of my two walks.

I often work at home, and usually have no problem focusing or settling down. Today, however felt different. I’ve vowed to keep off the news tomorrow outside of breakfast and tea-time to see if that helps the feeling that I might very well be losing my mind.

The wider family group chat today turned to ways to keep yourself amused at home. In previous times when trapped at home (through parenting or illness) I remember sewing as a saviour for believing being held captive could be productive instead of actual mental torture. So, clearly with time on my hands, this evening I created a mothergoat makes for quilting. Well the first steps anyway, as I didn’t have that much time.  And, if I don’t actually lose my mind I’ll return to it and add more steps, if the interest is there.

The best thing I’ve heard so far about this crazy time we’re living in was the lasagne being made in Wembley. If I knew how to add audio files to blog posts I’d share it with you. I laughed out loud, and don’t we all need a bit more of that?

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