Wednesday 18 March 2020

The times they are a changing

My thoughts go out to those affected by the Corona virus at this disturbing and worrying time.

Fortunately I’ve not really been affected. Yet. Because you can’t really count the inability to get a supermarket delivery and visiting a horror store at the weirdest moment in shopping history.

I developed hoarding tendencies long ago, as like many single parents I have experience of being quarantined with small children and the vomit bug. So, no need for me, to do any panic buying. 

I also have a habit of clicking, without checking volume. We go from one solitary banana to three bunches being delivered. And the pantry is full of things the fam can’t bear to eat any more of. But that was then. These times are changing and sweetcorn will soon be making a supper comeback. 

I can’t get a delivery slot so I'll have to do more real shopping, with less choice. I'm praying sweetcorn isn't the only product in the tinned goods aisle. 

Like an awful lot of folk across the globe, I’m practicing social distancing. Number of humans spotted on my morning commute/hike round a muddy field was zero. That was odd. Not even one dog-walker. My lunchtime wander to the allotment, again saw zero humans, so I couldn’t trial the effectiveness of the advice to carry a bamboo cane at all times - to ensure the correct social distance. I could have used the cane to practice baton twirling but sadly only thought of that upon my return home, but it's banked as a mental health save if this goes on too long. 

The whole office is working from home, yet I think I communicated more with the team today than in a regular working day. Group video calls are the new normal. Though seeing colleagues in their own natural habitats left me feeling Attenborough-like. So yeah, these times they are a changing.

Tomorrow I plan to re-balance my 'snacks' to 'steps' ratio. Shouldn’t be too hard as I’ve eaten all the good snacks. 

Sweetcorn anyone?

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