Friday 20 March 2020

It's all going to pot

Social isolation Day 3. Managed 10,000 steps at lunchtime, through a muddy field and a deserted wood. Came across 3 humans, 7 dogs and 6 horses, though thankfully not all at the same time. The horses were a welcome addition and the human/dog ratio seemed about right.

Over on mothergoat makes I created a post about turning toilet rolls in pots for seedlings and wondering, really, what the hell is going on with the obsessive making thing? Then I remembered that's what social isolation does to you. At least I'm not talking to the cat all day this time. Because I'm already pretty practiced at amusing myself at home from when I had the cancer thing and couldn't go out, and travel was off the cards. At least this time I don't feel sick as a dog.

Today is International Happiness Day, which I'm pretty sure was made up just to combat the weirdness of our new world order. But I embraced it anyway, and told the trees as much, as I walked through the woods.

Roll on 2021...

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