Thursday 26 March 2020

I Think We're Alone Now

Social distancing continues. Yet, the fields behind my home have never been so busy.

The not-so-little-littleun continues to find ways to amuse herself: exercise (short-lived); connecting the bicycle with the pump (not yet connected bicycle with her backside, but clearly doesn't want to peak too soon); a marvel legend movie marathon (and I discovered there were no owls in Guardians of the Galaxy, I was clearly confused with another Guardians film); scrubbing every pair of trainers she owns (is the the low point?) and baking. Though to be fair, baking is a fairly regular thing anyways.

She's doing better than the young woman next door: when her father told (aka shouted) at her get some fresh air she took to a sun-lounger wrapped in her duvet. I've no judgement here, as am expecting duvet sun bathing to take on in this house too. It is after all, only early in Spring.

I'm permanently plugged into Zoom, Teamworks and Teams while working from home, and trying to remember which group I'm in, and whether I'm on mike or camera or both, or muted.  The office game of 'through the key hole' took a downward turn today with the 'whose shower curtain is this' photo competition, but hoping 'something old' might raise the bar upwards, if only a fraction.

Times are tough. But not that tough.

Stay well, and keep your distance.

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